The Finest Hardwoods

Hardwood choices from Ash to Zebrano, Cherry to Mahogany and Wenge to Kiaat; some of the world’s finest hardwood species.

These are just some of the woods we use. If you are interested in a specific wood get in touch and let us know. We will do our best to make you the perfect pair of wooden framed glasses. We’ll even be happy to turn a dusty old rocking chair into a pair or two! The only things you have to bear in mind is a) we pride ourselves on quality so we only use materials that will last and b) we aim for sustainability in all areas of our work, so if the tree is endangered or we can’t get the wood in a sustainable fashion…then we would rather leave the tree happily in the ground. Other than that…choose a wood and get in touch.


zebrano wood

ZebranoA beautiful bold wood characterized by its striped grain, reminiscent of a zebra. Light creamy brown color with dark blackish brown streaks.





walnut circle

Walnut: A strong, durable wood. Depending on the cut, the wood is a light to dark chocolate brown color. Each cut has its own unique grain, some wavy, some straight.






MahoganyA tropical hardwood, reddish brown color with an interesting grain. An excellent carving wood that finishes well.





kiaat circle

KiaatA light golden wood with tones of reds and oranges weaved through. Carries a mild, aromatic scent.





imbuuia circle

WengeOur darkest wood.  Black streaks, with an apparent slight reddish hue in the light. Strong wood pattern makes this a beautifully textured wood.





cherry circle

CherryA nicely aged hardwood with strong grain markings and a red to pink colouring.





OliveA warm Mediterranean wood, creamy brown in color, figured with a curly, wavy grain. Very unique.





Maple: Often used for violin backs. Known for its very light color and even grain.





OakA light warm colored wood with a prominent grain, known for making beautiful furniture.