About Kraft Eyewear

A small Durban design family with a love of sustainable and local design, of high quality construction and of creating the ‘out of the ordinary’.

round rhett

Rhett is both craftsman and designer. With a background that has included installing hardwood floors and creating bespoke furniture designs, Rhett has tried his hand at everything. Tired of buying glasses that were poorly built, exploited cheap labour forces overseas or were part of a massive corporation, Rhett wanted something different. Putting his creative background to use he designed the first pair of KRAFTeyewear optics. The process was refined, placing an emphasis on sustainability, a product that would last, and hand crafting every pair himself in his Durban studio. Hundreds of designs, templates and prototypes ended up with a product and construction process that he was finally satisfied with; allowing him to focus on new designs and ensuring satisfied customers.


round krr update

A lover of both beautiful interior design and an artist, Kerry is both the inspiration behind much of Rhett’s work and adds an extra eye for detail. Working as an artist in a variety of mediums, Kerry produces bold custom abstract pieces as well as delicate watercolours. Kerry makes sure that every piece receives the final touches that make KRAFT extra special.



round sush

 Not to be left out, Sushi…road tests every pair for durability.